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Research Portals and Glossary of 4,000 IT Security and Information Assurance Terms
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FinTech Enterprise Risk-Model Risk Management meet Penetration Testing-Ethical Hacking

2015 National CSO-CxO Cybersecurity Conference

Cybersecurity & Cyber-Finance Risk Management: Strategies, Tactics, Operations, &, Intelligence: Enterprise Risk Management to Model Risk Management: Understanding Vulnerabilities, Threats, & Risk Mitigation

CSO-CxO Plenary Keynote, National Cybersecurity Summit, Altria Group Inc. Headquarters, VA, 2015

New York Cyber Security and Engineering Technology Association (NYSETA) Conference
A Framework for Pen Testing Network Protocols for Global Banking & Finance Call Centers: Bridging Networks, Systems, and, Controls Frameworks for Cybersecurity Curricula & Standards Development
(Innovative Design and Development Practices)

New York Cyber Security and Engineering Technology Association (NYSETA) Conference, 2015.

29 SSRN Top-10 Paper Rankings in FinTech Quant Risk Analytics-Model Risk Management
  1. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: CGN: Risk Management Practice: January 2016.
  2. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: CGN: Risk Management, Including Hedging & Derivatives: January 2016.
  3. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Corporate Governance Practice Series eJournal: January 2016.
  4. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: IRPN: Innovation & Cyberlaw & Policy: January 2016.
  5. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Econometrics: Mathematical Methods & Programming eJournal: May 2015.
  6. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Computational Techniques: May 2015.
  7. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Information Systems & Economics eJournal: May 2015.
  8. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Econometrics: Mathematical Methods & Programming eJournal: April 2015.
  9. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: ERN: Computational Techniques (Topic): April 2015.
  10. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Econometric Modeling: Risk Management eJournal: March 2015.
  11. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Econometric Modeling: Capital Markets - Risk eJournal: March 2015.
  12. SSRN's Top-10 Paperr: Econometric Modeling: Capital Markets - Risk eJournal: March 2015.
  13. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: MRN Operations Research Network eJournal: March 2015.
  14. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: OPER Subject Matter eJournal: March 2015.
  15. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Systemic Risk (Topic): March 2015.
  16. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Econometrics: Mathematical Methods & Programming eJournal: March 2015.
  17. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Econometric & Statistical Methods - Special Topics eJournal: February 2015.
  18. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Microeconomics: Decision-Making under Risk & Uncertainty eJournal: February 2015.
  19. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: VaR Value-at-Risk (Topic): February 2015.
  20. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: ERN: Uncertainty & Risk Modeling (Topic): February 2015.
  21. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: ERN: Econometric & Statistical Methods (Topic): February 2015.
  22. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Computational Techniques (Topic): February 2015.
  23. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: OPER: Analytical (Topic): February 2015.
  24. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: ERN: Mathematical Methods & Programming (Topic): February 2015.
  25. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Stochastic Models eJournal: February 2015
  26. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Econometric Modeling: Capital Markets - Risk eJournal: January 2015.
  27. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Microeconomics: Decision-Making under Risk & Uncertainty eJournal: January 2015.
  28. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: Uncertainty & Risk Modeling (Topic): January 2015.
  29. SSRN's Top-10 Paper: VaR Value-at-Risk (Topic): January 2015.

Princeton University Invited FinTech Research Presentation on Model Risk Management
Pioneering the FinTech Future of Global Cyber Finance and Cyber Risk Insurance

'"It is this "true" uncertainty, and not risk, as has been argued, which forms the basis of a valid theory of profit and accounts for the divergence between actual and theoretical competition... It is a world of change in which we live, and a world of uncertainty...If we are to understand the workings of the economic system we must examine the meaning and significance of uncertainty; and to this end some inquiry into the nature and function of knowledge itself is necessary."
-- Frank H. Knight
Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit

(Boston, MA: Hart, Schaffner & Marx; Houghton Mifflin Co), 1921.

Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit: Frank Knight
(Boston, MA: Hart, Schaffner & Marx; Houghton Mifflin Co), 1921.

2015 Princeton Quant Trading Conference
'Knight Reconsidered':
Risk, Uncertainty, and, Profit for the Cyber Era: Model Risk Management of Cyber Insurance Models using Quantitative Finance and Advanced Analytics

(Global Risk Management Network, LLC, 2015).

Top Wall Street Banks' Model Risk Management Beyond VaR for Extreme Risks
FinTech Technical Expert to Top MDs Team for World's Largest Investment Bank

Cryptanalytic Algorithms and Quantum ComputingBeyond 'Bayesian vs. VaR' Dilemma to Empirical Model Risk Management: How to Manage Risk (After Risk Management Has Failed).
(Global Risk Management Network, LLC, 2012, 2014)

Cryptanalytic Algorithms and Quantum Computing

Measuring & Managing Financial Risks with Improved Alternatives Beyond Value-At-Risk (VaR)
(Global Risk Management Network, LLC, 2012).

FinTech Markov Chain Monte Carlo Models and Bitcoin Block Chain Encryption Protocols

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Models, Gibbs Sampling, and, Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Models,
Gibbs Sampling, and, Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms

(Global Risk Management Network, LLC, 2013).
Complex Stochastics Hi-Dimensional Statistical Analysis

Bitcoin Protocol: Model of ‘Cryptographic Proof’ Based Global Crypto-Currency & Electronic Payments System
Bitcoin Protocol: Model of 'Cryptographic Proof' Based Global Crypto-Currency & Electronic Payments System
(Global Risk Management Network, LLC, 2013).
First Report on the Bitcoin Cryptographic-Proof-of-Work

FinTech Computational Quantitative Cryptanalytic Algorithms for Cyber-Quantum Era

Cryptanalytic Algorithms and Quantum ComputingFuture of Bitcoin & Statistical Probabilistic Quantitative Methods: Interview by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
(Global Risk Management Network, LLC, January 20, 2014.)

Cryptanalytic Algorithms and Quantum Computing
Cryptology beyond Shannon’s Information Theory: Preparing for when the ‘Enemy Knows the System’: Beyond NSF Cryptanalytic Algorithms
(Global Risk Management Network, LLC, 2013.)

AACSB Recognizes Real Impact among Nobel Laureates such as Black-Scholes
Pioneered Anticipatory Risk Analytics Frameworks Applied by Top Investment Banks 

“There are many examples illustrating that advances in basic research have had a substantial impact on practice. Exemplars of this phenomenon can be seen in finance through academic publications on the theories of portfolio selection (Markowitz, 1952), irrelevance of capital structure (Modigliani and Miller, 1958), capital asset pricing (Sharpe, 1964), efficient markets (Fama, 1965 and 1970), option pricing (Black and Scholes, 1973), and agency theory (Jensen and Meckling, 1976). All are well-known for their substantial impact on both theory and practice. In information systems, the research of Malhotra (Malhotra, 2004) has helped companies to understand why knowledge management systems fail...



Cryptanalytic Algorithms and Quantum Computing

“The new business model of the Information Age, however, is marked by fundamental, not incremental, change. Businesses can't plan long-term; instead, they must shift to a more flexible "anticipation-of-surprise" model.”
-- Yogesh Malhotra in CIO Magazine interview, Sep. 15, 1999.


Leading Global Enterprise Risk Management and Model Risk Management Practices

"The future is moving so quickly that you can’t anticipate it… We have put a tremendous emphasis on quick response instead of planning. We will continue to be surprised, but we won't be surprised that we are surprised. We will anticipate the surprise."
20-Years of the Model Risk Management Program
  “The new business model of the Information Age, however, is marked by fundamental, not incremental, change. Businesses can't plan long-term; instead, they must shift to a more flexible "anticipation-of-surprise" model.”
-- Yogesh Malhotra in CIO Magazine interview, Sep. 15, 1999.
[A Decade Later... Wall Street CEO, CFOs, & CROs know so... ]
Model Risk Management Program


Global-National Expert Panels of Computer Scientists & Quantitative Economists
Global-National Thought Leader for UN, NSF, US & World Governments & Parliaments

National Science Foundation  IBM

  USA Federal Government
US Dept. of Veteran Affairs

Government and Cabinet Of Mexico

United Nations

Government and Cabinet Of Netherlands

Nation of South Korea
Maeil Business TV

TiE Silicon Valley  Accenture
Intel  Philips
British Telecom  Institute for Supply Management
The Conference Board


Digital Transformation Research in Global Business & Technology Press

CIO Magazine
CIO Insight
Wall Street Journal

Digital Transformation Ventures in Global Business & Technology Press

Media Coverage Media Coverage

Digital Transformation Venture Clients, Patrons, & Subscribers

A sample of our corporate and organizational clients, patrons, and users is listed below:

FinTech Firms: Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Ogilvy, Wells Fargo

Consulting Firms: Accenture, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, PricewaterhouseCoopers

World Governments: Australia, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, United States

U.S. Defense: AFRL, Air Force, Army, CCRP, Comptroller, DISA, DoD, NASA, Navy, RAND

World Defense: Australia (Air Force), Canada (Defence R&D), UK (Ministry of Defence)

Business Schools: Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Wharton


"Founder Yogesh Malhotra says his vision is to fill the gaps between business and technology, data and knowledge, and, theory and practice..."
Dr. Yogesh Malhotra in Fortune


Cyber Transformation Practices Guiding US DoD Commanders & CxOs
("Obsolete what you know before others obsolete it..."
- Dr. Yogesh Malhotra in Inc. Interview)

United States Army United States Navy United States Air Force United States Marine Corps AFRL
"If you spend some time at [the digital research lab] founded by Dr. Malhotra youwill be blessed by some of the world's most astute thinking on the nature of knowledge and its value." 
- U.S. Army Knowledge Symposium, Theme: "Knowledge Dominance: Transforming the Army...from Tooth to Tail", US Department of Defense, United States Army.

"There are many definitions of knowledge management. It has been described as "a systematic process for capturing and communicating knowledge people can use." Others have said it is "understanding what your knowledge assets are and how to profit from them." Or the flip side of that: "to obsolete what you know before others obsolete it." (Malhotra) "
- U.S. Department of Defense, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

"KM is obsoleting what you know before others obsolete it and profit by creating the challenges and opportunities others haven't even thought about -- Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, in Inc. Technology Interview"
- U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency Interoperability Directorate


Top-3 Most Influential Scholars-Practitioners
in Knowledge Management
(Ranked in Drexel University Global Survey of IS Practice)

Vision Korea Campaign Keynotes
Dr. Yogesh Malhotra among other 'Vision Korea' National Campaign Keynote Speakers in Vision Korea National Campaign (2000): Dr.Charles Lucier of Booz Allen Hamilton, Dr.David Snowden of IBM, Dr.Robert H. Buckman of Buckman Labs, Dr.Hubert Saint-Onge of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Professor Dr.Ikujiro Nonaka of Hitotsubashi University


Pioneered Knowledge Management Digital Transformation Practices
Led Global Virtual Team of 200-PhD Experts & CxOs to Publish Pioneering Research

Published in 2000
Published in 2001

Journal Articles & Reports 1993-Present

Published independent Study paper on computer graphics image compression standards for hypermedia computing technologies, the precursor of WWW, on MBA graduate research fellowship with B2B pioneer and full tuition scholarship in 1993.


Developed Top Digital Research Site, Search Engine, & Social Network

Top-Ranked Digital Research Site: Computerworld Best Web Site Award

Top-3 Search Engine: Carnegie Mellon University Industry.Net National Awards

Top-10 Social Network: Popular Rankings after LinkedIn

Led Global Virtual Community of Practice of 130,000+ to Pioneer Digital Transformation Practices
Millions of worldwide users included Global-2000 Corporations and G-20 World Governments.


Top-3 Search Engines Ranked in the Carnegie Mellon University: National Industry.Net Awards

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